Sri Pramukh Singh Sahib Ji

Sri Pramukh Singh Sahib Ji Biography

With the blessings of His Holiness Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji

To introduce, develop, transform and secure the unrecognized and insecure underprivileged minority communities into vibrant integral part of the society through honest, sincere and straight forwardness in a very realistic manner with the utmost optimism to discard or remove the mental insecurity of the world fraternal order or community and converting into a stress free, non-polluted, non-destructive (non violent) with the purity of mind and thoughts a completely secured and everlasting a blissful, live full and naturally contented society.

My name is Sri Pramuk Singh Sahib Ji I entered this world in 1951 I was born in India. A life I have lived so far let me begin with the story of my fruitful existence.

Where does one begin I have dedicated my life to Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji, I arrived a young man into Thailand, Bangkok 1968 and times were hard, it was then when a transformation occurred.

As a young boy reading was my pastime and many hours were dedicated to reading holy books Guru Granth, reciting holy books became second nature and this was when I realized that my life will change for the better.

Every day I used to cycle a tiring 13 Kilometers to the temple Bangla Sahib Gurudwara at 4.00 am, I was deeply involved reading the Suk Muni Siab and have now been able to recite word for word .

A Delhi graduate in 1972 achieving a BA. I'm a very hard working studious man with lots of ideas on how to help others. The way forward is to help people and share all my experiences, famous people in the world have inspired me, to mention one I think the time when I met Mother Teresa on a flight on the supersonic Concorde, I was with His Holiness Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji, I was so inspired to meet her and be honored to express my views on our religion and values to her.

Traveling has become second nature and I have visited most of the countries in the world, it is amazing to think that we all think this world is a big place, Unity is what I want everyone to achieve, our society is forever changing and with natural disasters destroying our planet, the big question is WE ARE DOING IT TO OURSELVES, we have to believe in nature and be natural, protect what we have now and for the future generations to come.

My achievement I would say is to be who you are and maintain a level way of thinking, many years ago I was offered titles in Los Angeles and Canada, but I wanted to remain with my Guru Ji, and help the poor, old and teach what has been successful to me. My love and mercy towards him will forever be.

On an ending note Live close to nature and nature will take care of you.


Informative Facts

Place of Birth: Panipat, Haryana , India

Education: Graduation from Delhi University

Language Known: Hindi, English, Punjabi and Thai