Sri Pramukh Singh Sahib Ji


My personal feeling is that God had to prepare for a long time to saturate and soak into him the human values, to take a form such as Guru Gobind Singh. If it is true that a man is created in the image of God, then let us go deeply into the facet of the man. If it is true, then man represents God and this shall never be denied. The Theist believes in it and the Athiest denies it. But the fundamental reality remains, that whether he denies or accepts does not mean that it is not a reality. Reality is that man propagates, whether he propagates the existence of God or the denial of the existence of God. Still the pivot of the ideology of communication is man.

And man has been created in the image of God – there is nothing wrong in admitting it. But, when we talk of Guru Gobind Singh on this day, which is his birthday, we can think how much God might have prepared Himself to appear on earth in the form of such a man! If it is not true that it took a great preparation to create a man like Guru Gobind Singh, then all human beings should have had a minimum standard like Guru Gobind Singh. Our minimum standard of human behavior, attachment and sacrifice, should be that of Gobind Singh, the Guru. But it is not, which shows that God must have prepared His own image for a long time to manifest a leader for humanity.


By Sri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji

We need to understand how we can present ourselves to the best ad¬vantage and to know what role the ego plays in our life. Your unknown is God, and the self is otherwise considered to be the known. But when you want to know what you have yourself, do you really know your self? Do you want to know your self? Have you worked to know your self? My self is very important to me. Yet this is the only thing which I ignore in my life. I want to be known as a doctor, as an attorney, or I want to be known as a business manager. Because I have never worked on my self. I have never introduced my self. I have never cared to represent my self. I do not identify with my self. I do not proportionately appro¬priate my self. I do not proportion¬ately understand and distribute my self. And still, I want to be very suc¬cessful, myself.


Who is a Guru?

The Sanskrit word Guru stands for the being who leads an individual from the darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge. A Guru in the spiritual sense is a God-realized soul who has the capacity to help an individual realize God. A Guru perhaps is the only one who can make one realize that God is not just an idea but an entity who can be perceived as tangibly as one perceives the world with one's senses. A Guru is a ruler of the spiritual world and has the ability to accelerate or decelerate one's spiritual progress depending on whether one's actions are righteous or sinful. A Guru has already walked the path that has led him to God and thus is equipped to lead others on the path.


Guru and God?

There has never been a time on this earth when there was no Guru or prophet. Gurus incarnate at every age to show men the path that leads to God. All religions are proof of the fact God can be realized only through the Guru.In Indian philosophy the Guru holds a position equal to God. In fact, the loving disciple says that he does not care about God because it was the Guru who answered his prayers and showed him the way and not God. The law of nature is such that it is only through the Guru that man can connect with God. History is witness to the fact that people who trusted their minds and their intellectual capacities to find God had to stumble at every step and had to eventually meet with failure. This is because God resides beyond the mind while all thoughts come under the boundaries of the mind. This is why all religions exhort man to surrender to the will of the Prophet or Guru, because his will is God's will.

Sri Pramukh Singh Sahib Ji is extremely pious and his urge for devotional worship continuously saw him escape all worldly measures and partake solely in meditating the holy name of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji through recitations of Sahib Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

Sri Pramukh Singh Sahib Ji mastered selfless sacrifice, and devoted his existence to prolonged meditations and holy service. Sri Pramukh Singh Sahib Ji placed the utmost importance on the need for contemplation and never placed a single regard on weather conditions or how safe the local terrain was before embarking on his spiritual retreats. Furthermore, he never worried for worldly comforts such as food or water and solely believed that everything was in Waheguru's hukam


People loved and respected him with their heart and soul. But he had risen above the worldly form of pride and respect. He was a true example of renunciation of the world.